First things first, pick your jaw up off the floor, nobody likes looking at you with your mouth wide open like that. Yes, we're really saying that the NFL is not actually the best thing since sex on a bed of sliced bread. But we're not claiming it sucks, by any means, so save your subpoena to the House Un-American Activities Committee hearing.

Tomorrow night, the University of Alabama hosts Louisiana State University in an intra-conference matchup of the top two ranked college football teams in the country. It's the third or fourth college "Game of the Century" in this 11-year-old century, but that's not the only reason the college game is better than the pro game. And we freely admit that, across the board, the athletes in the NFL are far, far superior to the athletes in college (which, ironically, is a reason the college game is better). There are a variety of reasons we feel the college game is a better, more entertaining product (and a few very compelling reasons why the NFL is better), so screw that jaw back on and let us explain...

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