If we were Craig Ehlo, we'd probably never agree to talk about the career-defining shot that Michael Jordan hit over him in 1989 in a decisive Game 5 of a playoff series between the Cavaliers and Bulls. But, to his credit, he's embraced the fact that he was a part of "The Shot" and hasn't shied away from talking about it. Recently, CSN Chicago caught up with Ehlo and he revealed why he wasn't able to stop MJ from getting off his winning shot.

"I was in a dead run, so I flew right by him with my hand in his face," says Ehlo. "People always say that I played good defense because I had a hand in his face. He was able to hang in the air for a longer period of time than I was and let me fly by...The rest is history."

You can say that again. Because 22 years later, people are still coming up to Ehlo and asking him about being a part of that history.

"Everybody has a great signature moment," says Ehlo. "My signature moment came on a bad side, but I still consider it a great signature moment."

Well, that's certainly one way of looking at it.

[via CSN Chicago]

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