We're glad Oscar De La Hoya is reportedly sober these days. 'Cause it sure sounds like your man was on one for the last few years. Just a couple months after the former boxing champ admitted that he struggled with drugs, suicidal thoughts, and extramarital affairs in recent years, a model from New York has come out and filed a lawsuit against him. She claims that, during a rendezvous last March at The Ritz-Carlton on Central Park South in NYC, he did massive amounts of drugs, tried on her underwear, and asked her and her roommate to engage in some sexual acts that were beyond the normal scope of fornication.

"It was beyond kinky," she told the New York Post recently. "Things that I don't even know how to explain were done with him."

She also says that, during the romp, he revealed that he idolized Charlie Sheen. According to her, he allegedly did a bunch of coke, yelled "Winning!" and then proceeded to get wasted. So wasted that he allegedly wouldn't leave the girls alone at the end of the night. And when they woke up in the morning? He'd skipped out on them and left them with a $1500 bill at the front desk. As a result, she's now filed the suit against him alleging emotional distress, false imprisonment, and assault and battery, despite the fact that she never reported the incident to police.

As of last night, De La Hoya had not released a statement addressing the girl's claims. But let's hope he's got one hell of an explanation prepared for them.

[via New York Post]