Today we pay tribute to the greatest football player to ever live who's not named Jim Brown. What's the criteria for a great wide receiver? Great hands, football intelligence, execution, scoring ability, toughness and a bit of charisma, or swag (as the kids call it these days), are what we looked at. You already know who's the top dog of them all, but the other nine are debatable. Numbers don't hold as much weight when it comes to receiving because of different eras and rule changes.

Cats like Paul Warfield and Don Hutson played during a time when running the ball down a team's throat (II) was the name of the game, where do they rank? Then you have dudes like Randy Moss and T.O. that had all the talent but lacked the character needed to win championships. So, in honor of Jerry Rice's 49th birthday (that old? damn!), we give you the 10 Greatest Wide Receivers of All-Time....

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