It's no secret that the NHL isn't nearly as popular as the NFL, NBA, and MLB today. So you'd think they'd be doing everything in their power to attract new fans. However, it seems like the league is actually taking a much different approach right now and thinking about banning the one thing that still guarantees the NHL a prominent spot on SportsCenter every night—fighting.

According to NHL disciplinarian Brendan Shanahan, the league is considering getting rid of fighting because of the blows to the head that occur when two guys square off on the ice. "We're definitely very serious in making advancements in studying blows to the head," Shanahan said recently. "We have to also look at fighting. What the final decision is, I can't tell you now, that's something we're obviously going to have to look at, but there's no way we would ever deny that it's not something we're looking at closely."

Granted, the NHL's reason is solid. We'll give them that. They should be thinking about ways to eliminate concussions and other head injuries from the game. But, hockey without fighting? Say it ain't so. [via Morning Jolt]