BIRTH NAME: Andre Nolan Dawson

YEARS ACTIVE: 1976-1996

TEAM(S): Montreal Expos, Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, Florida Marlins

Early on, Dawson exhibited the traits that made him “The Hawk.” Usually when playing with older, stronger guys, kids would shy away from the ball fearful of getting hit or hurt, but Andre was a different breed of ballplayer. Instead, his uncle noticed that at a young age, he would actually attack the ball, like a hawk. And, similar to a hawk, he preyed on pitches throughout his time in the majors putting himself on many career all-time lists in the process. He couldn't fly the Cubs to a World Series win (he won the NL MVP with Chicago in 1987, the only player to do so on a last place team), but you'd need to be some sort of condor-falcon-eagle-velocoraptor-hawk to do that.