The whole high-speed, balls-to-the-wall road rally has been done a million times over, sometimes with unfortunate, tragic results. But for those who appreciate the finer things in life, designer Duncan Quinn has a refreshing take on the open-road adventure. On Saturday, March 26th, the Duncan Quinn Appellation Rally will bring together a select mix of those into classic cars, fine food and wine, and, of course, a perfectly tailored wardrobe.

Starting with a fleet of cars on loan from Manhattan’s Classic Car Club—including a Ferrari Dino, a 1968 Porsche 911, Jaguar E-Type roadster, AC Cobra, and Austin Mini—the convoy will depart for an overnight journey to an upstate New York location, by way of the most scenic roads available. Upon arrival, guests will be treated to cocktails and a meal from chef Neil Ferguson, complete with an abundance of the best wine known to man. After sleeping away all that decadence in a top-notch suite, the gentlemanly group will spend the next morning skeet shooting (hey, it used to be a legitimate sport!) before driving back to the Big Apple.

Sound like your type of rally? Quinn says himself of potential guests: "Tweeds are an option, but style is a must." If you think you can get in and fit in, call the style maven’s New York store at 212.226.7030 to reserve a spot, but be prepared to dish out $2Gs for yourself, and $3,000 if you plan on bringing the lil’ lady. The price is all-inclusive, save for gas and any speeding tickets incurred.

 Source: Duncan Quinn/Manhattan Classic Car Club