Mansory is known for creating very polarizing versions of the world’s priciest cars. But they may have finally built something that everybody will be able to “like” on their facebook page. Meet the Zapico: a one-off custom bike, designed in conjunction with bike builder Thomas M. George.

Though Mansory's known for its leatherwork, the Zapico sports carbon fiber for days. The Bavarian company crafted all of the pieces, including the wheels, at its overseas factory. Sitting inside its frame is a 124 c.i. V-twin mill sourced from American engine builder S&S good for 160 horsepower—more than one could ever need on a chopper. Doubtful? Even at its stout 750 lbs, it still propels the Zapico to 60mph in 3.3 seconds. Can’t grasp that? Don’t worry, it actually looks better sitting still.

Source: Mansory