The adidas APS sneaker made its debut in 1986 and came equipped with a cushioning system that could be adjusted with a simple turn of your wrist. No, seriously. The sneakers came with a key that you would place into the back heel to adjust the level of comfort on the midsole's cushion. Keep in mind: this was back in the '80s, too. Now, almost three decades later and the sneaker that was truly ahead of its time has returned as part of adidas Originals' spring/summer 2014 lineup.

The APS runner returns with complete O.G. treatment—yes, that includes the key and the adjustable cushioning system—and a new "Nighthawk" colorway that's basically a flipped version of the original colorway.

While pairs have already started trickling into select boutiques, the pairs will be available at adidas stores on May 1.