At first glace, a Hoka One One running shoe may look like a cushioning experiment from a past era with its maximal design, especially in today's minimal performance market. But for those who want to carefully consider their running mechanics, this 3-year-old brand is a welcome addition to the trail and road running category with a new look, innovative new products, and a mantra that sticks. Let's GO FURTHER with Hoka One One.

The brand founded by two trail-running adventurers and later acquired and owned by Deckers Outdoor, the company released its first over-sized concept shoe in 2010, right after minimalism had hit its peak (and perhaps found its stride) in the running market.

The Hoka shoe is inherently stable by design by balancing shock absorption and stability to ensure a natural running motion in a protected environment, thanks to an innovative adjustable midsole, an Rmat material sole compound, and Meta Rocker, the brand's proprietary geometry. This shoe is built to last and ensure that the runner lasts a bit longer too, boasting over 30 podium finishes on 5 continents in the last 18 months.

Hoka shoes are quickly becoming popular among ultra-marathoners who need all the support and stability they can get to tackle some of the roughest terrain imaginable. All of the above will be very glad to learn that next year Hoka One One will be adding 3 diverse models to their lineup, all introducing a no-sew upper and a minimal tongue to increase breathability and comfort throughout the collection.

An all new Bondi, Rapa Nui, and Conquest will release next year, broadening the specialty running brand. The third generation of the Bondi will be available January 1st for $150 (down from the Bondi 2 at $160). The newest version features an R-Mat outsole that acts as a cradle to hold the EVA midsole, a two part operation that works to propel runners forward without constricting movement or foot space. Accredit the much-improved look to the no-sew upper, as fused layers offer maximum breathability and some major hue wattage. The Rapa Nui and the Conquest, the appropriately named game-changer runner, will release November 15th.

[Hoka One One]

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