Puma PowerCat Graphic
Puma are no stranger to quirky, off beat designs that feature remarkably unique visuals and a lot of energy. This time around, we are treated to an addition of the PowerCat Graphic series that Puma has labeled "Dia del Futbol", or day of football. There is a distinct focus on the Mexican culture on this release, with "Dia de Muerta" (or "day of the dead") being a primary focus.

We take a look at the boots to see how Puma has meshed the abstract visuals with the performance characteristics of the range.

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Dual Colorway

Officially listed as a Metallic White/Black/Fluo Pink

There are several things about this boot that make it extremely unique visually. First, Puma has gone with a dual colorway, where each boot features opposite colors. In other words, the forefoot of the right boot is black and the text on the lateral side of the boot is white, whereas the left features a white forefoot and a black text along the side. It is like a vice-versa color combo.

Speaking of the text, Puma has added the words "Dia del Futbol" on several locations on the boot, all in a really sweet, old-school, Mexican style text.

For me the real winner of the design is the large Fluo Pink cat located on the side of the boot. Because of the contrasting colors, the additional detailing creates a real bling and we get to see that famous cat logo in a completely different style.

Performance wise, the colorway adds a visually significant look and you will definitely stand out on pitch. Whether that results in a better performance from you personally is completely down to, well, your own personal performance. In other words, don't expect the wild design to impact or improve your game!

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PUMA 3D PST Duo technology

PST = Power Shooting Technology

Along the strike zone, you will find two separate regions of TPU, both featuring different densities and serving opposite functions. The Pink region is a soft TPU that is positioned strategically where it allows the ball to cushion against your foot, aiding in first touch and control. The Black bar is a more solid TPU that offer much more rebound as the ball contacts the region, particularly as you strike shots.

Performance wise, both prove effective and provide a unique type of connection with the ball. A lot of companies are drifting away from the Power category, so Puma holds a distinct advantage with true fans who don't want to head down the lightweight, speed boot path.

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Soleplate and Traction

The first boot that comes with bones!

One look at the soleplate and you might notice something pretty unusual. Rather than using a single monotone design, Puma has decided that a skeleton foot would finish the style of the boot more effectively.

The configuration is extremely effective, with the blades providing a high level of traction on both natural and artificial surfaces. Visually, the skeleton offers a different look that you definitely won't find on another boot, but they won't provide any performance benefits. Contrary to popular belief, it actually doesn't increase the amount of strength in your foot or replace your bones if you suffer an injury.

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Price Point

Keeping it real!

First off, this is another quirky release from Puma that falls right in line with what they have been doing in the PowerCat Graphic range over the past few years. Rather than trying to satisfy the masses, Puma has continually elected to satisfy a smaller section of the market. It is a bold move but one that demonstrates Puma's passion toward the footwear industry - in other words, have fun!

Something that Puma has done well with their Graphic releases is keep them listed at a consistent price point. While other companies increase the price of a boot with a unique look or design, Puma has kept this boot at a mellow $179.99. This keeps them listed at a lower price than the existing range of power boots on the market.

Find the Puma PowerCat 1 Graphic at soccer.com.