Significant Sneakers: Converse Weapon, Nike Air Force II, Air Jordan II, Puma Ralph Sampson, adidas Conductor, Reebok 5600, Reebok 4600, Avia 870, Avia 850

Welcome to the NBA, Reebok. The Massachussets-based brand made an immediate splah, signing the Boston Celtics' All-Star backcourt (you can look it up) of Dennis Johnson and Danny Ainge - meaning all of the starters were with Northeastern-based companies: Bird and McHale with Converse, and Robert Parish with New Balance. Meanwhile, a fully recovered Michael Jordan took to the court in the Swooshless, Italian-made Air Jordan II, and big men stayed in signature shoes, including Ralph Sampson in Puma, Patrick Ewing in adidas, and Akeem (the H would come later) in Etonic.