Significant Sneakers: Nike Air Force 1, Nike Legend, New Balance Pride 480, Puma Basket, Converse Pro Leather, adidas Abdul-Jabbar, Puma Sky, Nike Franchise, Nike Dynasty, Avia Basketball

The Nike Air Force 1 changed everything in 1982 much like the adidas Pro Model did in '65. All of a sudden, everything that came before looked antiquated. Even the other Nikes, like the Dynasty and the Franchise, were instantly outdated. And for sneaker aficionados, desperately trying to recognize silhouettes on their rabbit-ear TVs, the Air Force 1 was at least immediately recognizable thanks to its high cut and contrasting ankle strap. But the Air Force 1 doesn't bring the '82-83 season up this high all by itself. New Balance had the aptly named Pride series, adidas was still doing their shell-toed thing, and a new company out of Portland was making noise for the first time in a decade - this time it was Avia.