Significant Sneakers: adidas Top Ten, Nike Blazer, Nike Bruin, Converse Pro Leather, adidas Abdul-Jabbar, Puma Super Basket, Pony Pro Model, Pony MVP, PRO-Keds Royal Master, PRO-Keds Shotmaker, Pony PRO 80, Nike Franchise

Back in the '70s and '80s, sneaker releases didn't always change with the season, or even the year. Old favorites remained favorites, and even the venerable Chuck Taylor was still getting NBA burn as the decade flipped. Even Nike, still less than a decade old as a company, still supplied their players with Blazers and Bruins. In that sort of atmosphere, a new release was sure to stand out. So when adidas released the Rick Barry endorsed Top Ten (named such because the "top ten" players in the NBA wore it - a questionable designation at best, even then), people noticed. Thing is, the name had to stand out amongst all the other "Pro" designated sneakers and brands already on the market, and wow were there a lot of them.