Network: Fox

It's only natural that Complex offer some love for a show featuring a magazine editor as the protagonist. Living Single starred Queen Latifah as Khadijah James, the mastermind behind Flavor, a fictional monthly. James lived in Brooklyn with her cousin Synclaire and friend Régine, the would-be diva. Rounding out the bunch was pit bull lawyer Max and their two male counterparts, handyman Overton and "Baker Magic" himself, stockbroker Kyle Barker.

The show ran for five seasons on Fox, and was part of its storied Thursday night lineup. Not only was the show popular for its portrayal of six black twentysomethings trying to make it in New York, it was adored because all of the principal characters were women.

Viewers were hooked on Khadijah's quest for success, Régine's quest to live the fabulous life, the sweet relationship between Synclaire and Overton, and blatant sexual tension between Max and Kyle, but they also loved the endless stream of guest appearances. Thanks in part to the popularity of black television at the time and Queen Latifah's celebrity status, the show was able to attract everyone from Ed McMahon to Grant Hill. Oh, and of course Queen Latifah's New Jersey protégés Naughty By Nature appeared. It was only right.