Director: Rintaro
Stars: Kei Kobayashi, Yuka Imoto, Kōki Okada

It's never easy to succeed as an adaptation of a wildly successful manga comic or as a remake to one of the greatest films of all time, but somehow director Rintaro pulls off both simultaneously with 2001's Metropolis. Based off the manga of the same name, which itself was modeled after Fritz Lang's sci-fi classic, also of the same name, Metropolis tells the story of a dystopian, monolithic society where much of the human working class lives in poverty, while the even lower levels of society are made up of servant robots that are discriminated against and hated.

The movie does a great job of integrating parts of the manga and the original movie into a storyline that's utterly singular. And the animation, by legendary Madhouse Studios, is stunning. —JS