Season: 4
Air Date: 10/25/10

As an action/comedy, Chuck balanced its melodramatic side with shameless forays into decidedly goofy territory, for better or worse. So though much of "Aisle of Terror" is taken up by Chuck's angst over where his absentee mother's true agency loyalties lie, its completely in character for the series to wrap up the standard case-of-the-week in the absurd fashion that it does. 

"Terror" features special guest star Robert Englund as a mad scientist looking to sell a fear toxin to the highest bidder. As usual, the climax goes down at the Buy More (read: Best Buy), where dim-witted employees Lester and Jeff have just finished decking out the store in Halloween decorations including their own twisted, special touch: the Aisle of Terror, an insulated fun house with TV screens that display images that are far from any normal person's definition of fearsome.

Englund is immune to his own fear gas but he's no match for depictions of the dark recesses of Jeff and Lester's minds, "horrifying" images that include: man feet, a baby in a snail costume (is it a baby, or a snail?), black licorice, and...inter-species relations? Like we said, it's absurd, but the sight of Freddy Kreuger losing his shit over a monkey and a tiger cub mating is weirdly, undeniably funny.