The folks behind Deadpool 2 are doing everything they can to keep fans clued in on what to expect from the highly-anticipated sequel. After the original Deadpool went through a tortured development cycle, it's a welcome change to have all the Deadpool 2 information at our fingertips within moments.

Ryan Reynolds—the man who turned Deadpool into a massive success—has been a big part of that. On Saturday afternoon, he casually dropped off a shot of the lead character at a familiar location, in front of the headquarters for the X-Men.

For those of you unfamiliar with the X-Mansion—the shorter name for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters—it operates as something of a home base for the X-Men, and a place for younger mutants to learn how to harness their powers. Within the canon of the movie series, the mansion was originally built by Professor X's father for a much different reason; worried by the threat of nuclear war, he built the house with a massive bunker underneath.

Returning to the X-Mansion was to be expected after Deadpool dropped by the house in his first movie, and his interaction with his mutant pals—okay, sort of pals—was one of the highlights of Deadpool. His affinity for chaos and going rogue is a stark contrast to the teamwork of the X-Men, and that balance makes for great fun on screen.

One of the characters who will be tasked with keeping him in check is Cable, a new character for the movie series who has a long history with Deadpool in the comic world. Josh Brolin, the actor playing the character who is expected to keep Reynolds' renegade character in check, has been sharing updates on his transformation into the telepathic, cybernetic mutant. The 49-year-old recently shared a video of him bulking up in the gym, with an appropriately threatening hashtag attached: "#RyanReynoldsIsMyBitch."

If you saw the teaser for Deadpool 2, you know you're in for a wild ride when the sequel releases next June. In addition to new characters, we already know the director of John Wick is in charge of the upcoming movie, so the gratuitous violence from Deadpool might even go up a notch.

We still have a ways to go before Deadpool 2 is available for our viewing pleasure, but all signs are pointing in the right direction. You should be ready for a heavy dose of mutants when it hits theaters in 2018.