Deadpool was one of the surprise hits of 2016, with the foul-mouthed comic book "hero" working his way into the hearts of millions. After spending over 11 years in development hell, the passion project Ryan Reynolds fought for showed you can still go outside the box in the crowded comic book movie genre.

Reynolds is one of the stars of a new space movie called Life, a film he worked on with the same screenwriters that helped him get Deadpool made. Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are on a promo tour for their new film, and they spilled a small bit of news about Deadpool 2 in the process.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Rheese and Wernick said that Deadpool 2 is already in the process of being written and developed:

If you look at our filmography you know we love the sequel. And we're in the midst of Deadpool 2 right now... We're very close to a draft that we'll go off and shoot in a couple of months and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Though they aren't committed to a release date yet — we've already heard they're shooting for 2018 — the Deadpool team feels confident ahead of the future release of the sequel. After succeeding with a February release date during a dead period for movies in general, they feel they can drop the sequel at almost any time and compete against more traditional blockbuster movies.

"The date to us doesn't mean as much as it used to," said Reese. "I think the studio feels the same way. We just want to make the best movie possible and Deadpool will find an audience, we feel at this point."

News is coming fast and furious on the Deadpool 2 front. Reynolds already shot a teaser for the upcoming film, and we found out in February that Zazie Beetz of Atlanta fame will play Deadpool's partner Domino in the sequel.

Whenever they get around to releasing it, Deadpool 2 will be backed by a wave of hype. The only difference this time is that success will be expected, not a surprise.