As you no doubt know by now, ComplexCon is coming to Long Beach, California on November 5 and 6. You've heard about the musicians who will be headlining the main stage; the artists who are showcasing and designing their work at and for the convention; the fashion labels that will be selling must-have apparel on the floor. The event promises to be a glimpse into the future, touting the artists and creatives of tomorrow, today

So, you've taken your first step toward this unforgettable weekend by buying your ticket in. At this point, you're wondering: With everything that will be happening throughout the day, how do I make sure I get the most out of this experience? Lucky for you, we've written up a short list of the moves you can make to help you hack this one-of-a-kind event. Whether it's copping exclusive gear, hitting up interactive activations, or getting the VIP treatment you deserve, this is how you do ComplexCon like a boss.