During her seven year run on Parks and Recreation, Retta’s supremely sarcastic commentary, supremely nerdy pop culture references and mantra to "treat yourself" easily made her a fan favorite on the show. Since its bittersweet ending last year, the actress has made her rounds on television, most notably in a recurring role on Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. Now, it looks like she’s finally making her way back to primetime in a new comedy for ABC.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Retta is set to co-star in the comedy pilot Hail Mary. The series follows a hip, young small town mayor named Mary Wolf who suffers from the plight of having dysfunctional siblings, a dying father, discontented citizens, a town going bankrupt and the mafia hot on her heels. In desperate need of a miracle, she fakes one. Retta will play her friend Ruthie.

The single-camera comedy is based on the Austrian series Braunschlag by David Schalko. Brian Gallivan will write the script in addition to executive producing alongside Seth Gordon and Tariq Jalil. No word yet on what this miracle will be but we hope it’s the rest of America realizing that Donald Trump is definitely not fit to be president