Enough, Donald Trump. The divisive Republican has managed to get into a feud with almost everyone, from Ted Cruz to Jeb Bush to Pope Francis, while gaining steam in various caucuses throughout the country. He’s already taken South Carolina, New Hampshire and most recently, Nevada. Plus, he’s received endorsements from the KKK and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Oh and 20% of supporters who believe freeing the slaves was a bad idea.

But most people jumped on the anti-Trump train when he proposed building a giant wall (which he assumes Mexico will pay for) to keep out immigrants and entertained the idea of banning Muslims from entering the country. Not to mention his encouragement of Game of Thrones-like violence at his rallies. Exhausted? So is Twitter which is why users took to the social media platform with #NeverTrump, vowing never to vote for the orange-skinned businessman. Reasons include:


He may not be Republican.

He's a businessman, not a politician.

Even babies don't trust him.

That time he made fun of a disabled person.

And then there's these.

Well done, Twitter.