Remember Kindergarten Cop, that cop comedy thriller from 1990 starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in which he goes undercover as a kindergarten teacher to bust a drug dealer? I didn't realize there was such high demand for a sequel, and yet last summer Universal (specifically, its straight-to-video division 1440 Entertainment) announced one to arrive 26 years later. The "sequel" is penned by American Pie series writer David H. Steinberg and directed by Don Michael Paul, and it's not so much a sequel because Schwarzenegger doesn't return. Rather, it's kind of a reboot using the same movie title to garner interest to those itching with cheesy '90s nostalgia. 

The sequel features action star Dolph Lundgren (The ExpendablesRocky IV), who plays an FBI agent gone undercover as a kindergarten teacher to retrieve stolen data. Watch the first trailer for it above, in which Lundgren gets into some childish silliness. Kindergarten Cop 2 arrives on DVD/on-demand on May 17. 

There's also talk of Kindergarten Cop becoming a TV series, which, again, is that in such high demand? Anyway, there's no further development on that subject yet.