Backpacking across the world should mean living carefree and seeking adventures, right? At least that's what the movies say before tourists end up in nightmare situations that make you never want to travel again. This dude was living life to the fullest, bro, when he decided to hook up with some chick one night. But he got more than he bargained for the morning after when the pissed off friend of the German girl he slept slapped him with a letter not complaining about overhearing the sex, but about the sex itself.  

The angry friend's hilarious letter made it to the Confessions of a Backpacker Facebook page, which is how this story's made the internet rounds. A normal person would complain about overhearing their friend getting laid next door or maybe even in the same room as them while they face the wall and try to put the sounds they're hearing way out of their mind. Not this girl. She drags the guy for what he thinks is "successful sex" and gives him a reality check opening her letter formally referring to him as  "Mr Heavy-Snorer." Niceties soon go away as she writes, "But, hey dick, you should know that there are always some more things that a girl expects from you rather than just one round of sex. I dont think many girls would like a guy who falls asleep right away after their first sex, do you?"

Sure she wasn't even the one getting laid, but who can really say they have their friends looking out for them like this? 

And her other complaint is that the dude snored so loud he woke up the everyone else around,"embarrassing" her friend. Sure the dude probably had a good laugh from the letter, but these are the real friends Ye was rapping about.