Jet lag is awesome. The world suddenly feels more electric than ever. Everyone enjoys your presence. A jet-lagged individual, without question, is a big hit at parties. Sadly, the days of the jet-lagged traveler’s reign are apparently numbered.

Airbus and Qatar Airways have collaborated on a new carbon fiber airplane that’s specifically designed to ease the harshness of jet lag, Uproxx reports. Initially conceived earlier this year before touching down for the first time in December, the A350 XWB boasts awesome gas mileage, quieter rides, and a more aerodynamic carbon fiber wing and body system. Your move, jet lag.

"Business class is now like first class was," Alain De Zotti, chief engineer of the project, said in a statement. "First class is like little apartments." Zotti isn’t lying, as the A350 has a wider fuselage for added comfort and additional legroom, even in the bowels of economy class. Redesigned LED inlays and a fresh temperature sensitivity feature (including LED lights that change color to mimic the sun’s glow) will also ensure that cruising through the skies becomes a bit more tolerable.

As for that stale cabin air? The A350's filtering system takes care of unruly passengers' less-than-favorable emissions by refreshing the air every few minutes.

Very good work, future.