Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders is winning Iowa from Hillary Clinton (Thanks in part to the Based God), a new poll showed on Thursday. Iowa becomes the second state in less than a week to poll in favor of Sanders. He’s also leading New Hampshire by 9 points, polling at 41 percent versus Clinton’s 32 percent. See Sanders advocating for workers’ rights in the photo above in Cedar Rapids, IA. 

Iowan voters are starting to #FeelTheBern, with 41 percent favoring Sanders in a Quinnipiac poll compared to the 40 percent supporting Clinton. This marks an increase from a Sept. 6 poll showing Clinton leading Sanders 38 percent to 27 percent. For an even bigger jump just look at July’s polls, which showed Clinton ahead 52 person to 33 percent. 

Sanders, who, like Clinton, has met with Black Lives Matter activists to discuss racial justice, is pushing for police reform and a reduction of income and wealth inequality

[via Time]