Personally, I'm a proponent of buying all furniture second-hand, but I've had enough friends burned by bed bugs to respect those of you who buy your upholstered goods at full retail price. No matter how deep your entomophobia may run, there is no reason to pay top dollar for a desk, dresser, or dining room table. Normal retail interactions are governed by the law of supply and demand. Second-hand furniture transactions introduce another two new variables into the equation: size and time. Sellers who have to get a huge dining room table out of their apartment by the first of the month tend to suddenly develop a haggling spirit. Before you buy a gargantuan oak table, of course you have to consider how you're going to get it home, but don't dismiss the piece of you dreams just because it will take four men to lift it. Sometimes, renting a truck and a furniture dolly will still save you hundreds of dollars on the furniture store dresser, desk, or dining room table.