Platform: NES
Release date: April 1990
Developer: Tecmo

In honor of Hulk Hogan hosting, we felt it necessary to honor this classic (Sorry to Day of Reckoning, our 11th choice). Call it sentimentality. Call it rose colored goggles. Call it "bullshit." But we just can't bring ourselves to cast the old timers off on a block of gaming ice.

With only 10 playable (and fictional) characters, TWW is a geezer when it comes to features. Judge not though as it was revolutionary for it's time. Each character had 20+ moves. Grapples were automatic due to the fact that the NES had two damn buttons. It also had full commentary (though you had to read it like a foreign film). And season modes were a pipe dream. All that being said we still can't deny the euphoric relief we felt when we stuck it to the Champ, the non-playable Blue King for the first time. You remember that first time you asked your crush out and she said yes? And you got all nervous, but it was a good nervous? Yeah?...

Well it was nothing like that.