Green Social Entrepreneur, Green Community Architect, VP of Broccoli City

Darryl Perkins is the 20-something vice president of Broccoli City and Director of Development for The Green Scheme. You could call him the Obama of green in Chocolate City. His positive attitude and persistent ambition are infectious. After working his way through corporate America and finding that morals are often on the back burner when it comes to making money, he decided to turn his passion for environmentalism into action.

“Am I creating social capital? Am I building financial capital? Am I helping the environment? If I am doing all three of these then I know that I'm on the right path no matter how rocky it can be,” he said. Perkins doesn’t just talk about it, he does it. In 2009 as a senior program coordinator at the Hip-Hop Caucus he was one of the architects and organizers for a unique campaign called Green the Block—an effort that seeks to fight poverty and pollution at the same damn time.

In his capacity as director of development for The Green Scheme, he created Code Green, a program that teaches teens about social entrepreneurship and asset-based thinking through the lens of living healthy, and teaches families about practical and accessible healthy living strategies like eating healthy on a budget and growing food at home. The man leads his life in service to his community and fellow man and is the bridge between going green and the hood.

A trusted voice and knowledgeable green social architect, with his environmental ambition, he’ll turn hoods across the nation into oases of green, urban sustainability. “Taking care of the environment should be a passion for everyone because if we don't take care of it now, there will not be a healthy planet for the next generation. I do this for myself, for you, and for future generations. We only have a little time to turn things around before we head down a dark road.”