It seem that Outlast isn't destined to be the only ex-triple-A-turned-indie horror game in town – not that that was an especially likely scenario to anyway – as ex-Silent Hill/BioShock/Witcher developers Rosebud Games have announced their first title, Death In Candlewood. In development since 2011, it seems this open-worldy-sounding ambitious title (the titular town of Candlewood has over 1000 explorable buildings, say the developers) might be just the kind of psychological jolt the genre needs, incorporating RPG mechanics, first-person combat (with "uncommon weapons for uncommon enemies," evidently), atmospherics and exploration into one terror-filled night in the 1940s.

The team recently launched their Kickstarter for the game, asking for $60,000 to complete the project, which they've been working on as an out-of-pocket passion project for the past two years. The game is slated for a Spring 2015 release on PC – in the meantime, check out some footage above.

[Via ByteExplosion]