Year released: 1994
Developer: Pioneer Productions

For the original Need For Speed title, EA wanted to give gamers an entertaining yet realistic experience. To do so, it enlisted the help of Road & Track magazine to get precise data on things like a car's handling, braking, overall performance and even sounds. The game was first introduced for 3DO in '95, with a follow-up PC version a year later. The final version was released in 1996 for both the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn.

The car list and race tracks in the original NFS weren't so impressive compared to most of the other titles in the series, though the game's realistic and simple gameplay made it a success, particularly for new players. The game featured four different game modes: Head To Head, Single Race, Time Trial and Tournament.

EA used blocking volumes to ensure cars couldn't be driven off-road, partly in order to prevent players from cheating by taking shortcuts. Perhaps the most notable feature in The Need For Speed was the ability for police to catch racers and ticket them-a popular theme which was carried on throughout much of the series.