Year released: 2010
Developer: Criterion Games

For those of us who enjoy racing games, Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is what dreams are made of. In 2010, the series went back to its original roots with racer vs. cop action as the centerpiece. The result was the highest-ever rating for a Need For Speed title. Not only did the title incorporate the same gameplay that made the franchise so popular, it featured a full career mode for both roles. It was also fast paced and straight forward, allowing players to focus solely on racing, all the while cutting out things that prolong the game such as car customization.

The Hot Pursuit reboot featured the holy trinity of racing games: amazing graphics, fast, exotic cars and absolutely thrilling gameplay. While some of the cars were exclusive to each side, most cars were available to both racers and cops. You may think it's easy to elude the po-po, but not when they're pushing a Lamborghini Reventon Roadster. Every car you unlock in the game somehow ends up being better than the one before.

In addition to the sweet gameplay, the game featured an interactive "Analog" system, which was basically a network that connected players with their friends for head-to-head competition.