There's still about six months until Seth MacFarlane's new film A Million Ways to Die in the West hits theaters, but it looks like we've finally got our first look at the film. Sure, it's not much, but still—one promo picture is better than no promo picture. In it, we see stars Amanda Seyfried, Charlize Theron, MacFarlane himself, and Neil Patrick Harris with an insanely epic curly mustache, having some sort of discussion about...wild west stuff. Maybe they're talking about Harris' mustache? It's not clear, but if they are, it would make sense—that mustache is worth some sort of discussion.

You can check out the image above. In addition to Seyfried, Theron, MacFarlane, and Harris, the film will also star Liam Neeson, Sarah Silverman and Giovanni Ribisi. As for the plot—it follows the story of a "a cowardly sheep farmer" who, after losing his girlfriend when he backs out of a gunfight, falls in love with a new, mysterious beautiful woman in town...only to find out that her husband is a "notorious outlaw" who now wants revenge on him. Yikes.

A Million Ways to Die in the West will hit theaters on May 30.

[via Indiewire]