Where: Williamsburg, Va.
Dorm name: The CW House
Coolest perk: The spacious backyard
Unnecessary but awesome: 18th century reproduction furniture
Approximate cost: N/A

Tucked away in Colonial Williamsburg, the CW House is nothing like the typical college experience. This gorgeous house from 1737 is awarded to two ambitious seniors who get good grades, participate in clubs, and actually care about their school's future. The white colonial home is covered from floor to ceiling with luxe wood, 18-century reproduction furniture, a fireplace for surviving the cold Williamsburg nights America's forefather's suffered through, and a backyard with gardens. The students that live at the CW House have to represent their school to the community, plan events for other students throughout the year, and show their basic school support, which seems like a cake walk when most other students are out doing the walk of shame.