Legendary pictures have taken Warcraft the movie and strategically retreated into 2016 after learning that the new Star Wars film will be released on the same day it was set to drop. Probably a good idea from a business sense but 2016 feels like an eternity away.

Director Duncan Jones had previously announced the film for release on December 18, 2015 but Legendary doesn’t see a hope in making this nerd’s dreams come true by a combined Star Wars and Warcraft release.

Warcraft the movie has been teased for what feel like years now - actually 2009 - and pushed back a couple times; going through two directors, we wonder if anyone will be playing Warcraft when it comes out. In fact given the current state of the American film market - nobody goes to the movies anymore when they can stream them at home - and the release of the Oculus Rift next year it's safe to bed that everyone will be sitting in our homes watching Virtual Really cats videos on VRYouTube.

Warcraft the movie is set to drop sometime in 2016. A very long march across the Black Morass away.

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[Via Variety]