On the ninth-annual Guinness World Records Day, Brooklyn resident Scott Wiener was honored with the record for the largest collection of pizza boxes in the world. After noticing a box that stood out in Israel back in 2008, Wiener began collecting, eventually amassing 595 from 45 different countries over that five year period. Wiener and his brother said they once dropped $200 on a 54-square-inch pizza, all for the box. Still, Wiener says he has only paid for six boxes from his collection, and they were all "impulse eBay purchases totaling about $75."

This award was destiny for Wiener, who runs Scott's Pizza Tours, a service that takes other pizza fans around New York City, directing them to the very best. You have to trust a guy who collects pizza boxes—and holds the Guinness World Record for his collection.

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[via Gothamist]