After battling with the city of New York over its possible demolition, iconic graffiti destination 5 Pointz is reportedly no more. 

This sad news comes after hundreds of artists and supporters rallied on Nov. 16 to hault the demolition. Over the summer, the New York City Planning Commission granted developer David Wolkoff permission to build retail space and two residential towers at the building's Long Island City location. In return, a lawsuit was filed against the developers, citing a violation of the 1990 Visual Rights Act. 

On Oct. 22, Judge Frederic Block granted 5 Pointz a restraining order, meaning no demolition or new murals could be done at the site for 10 days. Though Judge Block said it would "tear his heart out," to see the artwork go, he acknowledged that there was no legal way for him to provide an injunction to save it.

Judge Block added that he would leave the decision to landmark 5 Pointz up to "the incoming administration of mayor-elect Bill de Blasio." The New York Daily News pointed out that a similar effort was made with the Bloomberg administration, but the idea was ultimately rejected due to rules requiring a landmark to be at least 30-years-old. 5 Pointz was established in 1993.

According to the 5 Pointz Twitter account, the building was abruptly painted white overnight without any permit. 

We will update with more information as it becomes available. 

[via Twitter, New York Daily News and Village Voice

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