Film: The Motel (2005)
Most recent project: Kang has kept himself active. He has been directing episodes for award-winning and critically acclaimed webseries Easy Assemble starring Illeana Douglas from 2010 to 2011.

Michael Kang's indie feature, The Motel did not make much money, and is still unfairly underseen. Kang, a Korean-American filmmaker based out of New York, has directed a couple films since his debut about Ernest Chin, a boy whose primary focus is working at his mother's small motel frequented exclusively by shady characters, all the while careening directionless toward adolescence and manhood. But none matched the prestige of his freshman effort. The film collected jury prizes from film festivals across the country, including garnering a nomination for Best First Feature Film from the Independent Spirit Awards. His next two films have been slight, and nowhere near the follow up we believe he's capable of producing.

Kang is still a productive director, but mostly at the fringes. While we patiently wait for his return to the big screen, we assure you that The Motel is a Netflix rental you won't regret.