The old Gray Lady has just lost one of its own. But they might not be missing him too much.

David Pogue, who has been with the New York Times for over 13 years as a tech writer, is leaving his post to start a new tech website at Yahoo! Pogue made the announcement on his Tumblr page, and if you didn't see that, you might have gotten the news in another post from Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer. Mayer said that Pogue will write columns, blogs, videos, while Pogue said he had "much bigger plans, too, for all kinds of online and real-world creations."

The Times sent out this email to staffers to make the announcement:

David Pogue, who has written reviews for the “State of the Art” column
for 13 years, is leaving to help launch a consumer-tech site at Yahoo.

David picked up “State of the Art” duty from Peter H. Lewis in 2000,
when the column appeared in the erstwhile stand-alone Circuits
section. In 2006, the column moved to the BizDay section front. David
has also been blogging for our technology page, and he has made
regular video appearances.

David has been a valued member of our technology team, and his columns
have been a delight to read. We thank him for a great run, and wish
him well in his new adventure.

— Dean Murphy and Suzanne Spector

It's worth nothing that Pogue allegedly hit his former wife in the head with an iPhone, and reports say that after his divorce, he became a negative influence on the NYT staff. 

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