Even though people passing through New York's airports may not have to worry about dry ice explosions, the airports apparently aren't winning any popularity contests. According to a study from Global Gateway Alliance, New York is home to the worst airports. 

New York airports may draw a lot of traffic (an estimated 47.7 million flew into JFK International in 2012; 24.1 million flew into LaGuardia), but the study alleges that area airports do not operate efficiently. This includes everything from problems with the check-in process to weak Wi-Fi signals. 

The study ranked 15 airports, and Dallas-Forth Worth International Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International and Chicago's O'Hare International were locked in a three-way tie for first place. Why are they so popular? They offer 11 of the 15 important amenities that travelers value.

[via Gothamist]