Date: 8/28/2010
School: University of Alabama
Party girl: Kristen Saban

Alabama head coach Nick Saban reacts to every false start penalty as though a student driver just rear-ended his Mercedes S-Class at a red light, and—naturally—his daughter seems to share that same hair-trigger disposition. In a lawsuit filed against Kristen Saban, Sarah Grimes (one of Saban's sorority sisters) claims that Roll Tide's empress assaulted her during a beer-fueled fight over Facebook. 

The two had apparently exchanged words after a night of drinking when a comment Saban left online ("No one likes Sarah! Yayyyyy!") became fodder for a physical altercation. The lawsuit alleges that Saban had to be separated from Grimes by two other people, and the beating left Grimes with "repeated night terrors, anxiety, physical trembling, fears of dying from brain injuries, trouble sleeping, and intrusive recollections of the event." That sounds like sensationalized personal injury lawyer talk to us, but the lesson is clear: If you're going to sling shots with Kristen Saban, show up to the bar in full pads.