Movie: Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)
Who does the sonning?: Aldous Snow (Russell Brand)
Who gets sonned?: Matthew the Waiter (Jonah Hill)
Context: It's never OK to be rude to waiters, but it's also rather unmannerly to pester someone for a favor when they clearly are not interested. Matthew, an overattentive waiter, just won't stop fanboying over Aldous Snow. He doesn't want much, just to hang out with his idol and to get some feedback on his music, but a tense, not to mention private, dinner is neither the time nor place.

So can we blame Aldous for being upfront and giving the world the best breakup line? If you do use it, just be super light and casual about the matter to emphasize your apathy. No sympathy for Matthew since he gets to call out—or rather whisper out—Aldous (everyone has an Aldous) for being a major asshole and mess with his food (sorry about those student loans though). —Arianna Friedman