Last week, if you happened by any street corner in the country, you likely saw a group of sullen children with overstuffed backpacks trudging into school buses that were taking them back to school. It’s that time of year again, when the kids of America end their three months of unfettered freedom and return to to the confining halls of education. When we think back on our time in grade school, we rarely remember the endless hours of monotonony, and staring at the clock, waiting for class to end. We tend to remember the good things, the flickers of happiness that lit up a childhood we’ll never get back. We remember colorful school supplies and primitive computer games, and we are flooded with lovely memories of a more innocent time. Now that you’ve traded in your Trapper Keeper for a leather laptop case and you can’t remember the last time you wrote in cursive, take a look back at the things that you miss most about your time spent living your life between class bells. Here are the 25 Things We Miss Most About Going Back to School.

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