Everything Jason Statham Has Taught Us About Action Movies

Revenge is the ultimate motivator.

Action film scribes have got it pretty easy when it comes to their main character’s motivation, because they know that vengeance is the ultimate plot point to take a movie from Point A to Point B and allow for some serious—but narratively appropriate—beat downs in the process. If the taglines to even a few of his movies tell us anything, it’s that Statham has sought out his fair share of revenge on the big screen: In Redemption, Statham learns that “All Roads Don’t Lead to Salvation.” In Crank, Statham is a man with “Poison in His Veins, Vengeance in His Heart.” And in War, he goes head-to-head with Jet Li, only “One Wants Justice, The Other Wants Revenge.” You get the picture.

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