Since its inception, Saban Entertainment's Powers Rangers franchise has spawned 18 different series. They include: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers, Power Rangers Zeo, Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers in Space, Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue, Power Rangers Time Force, Power Rangers Wild Force, Power Rangers Ninja Storm, Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Power Rangers S.P.D., Power Rangers Mystic Force, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Power Rangers Jungle Fury, Power Rangers RPM, Power Rangers Samurai, and Power Rangers Megaforce. Today, you can find the most recent series, Megaforce, airing on Nickeledeon, and its merchandise on toy store shelves everywhere. Power Rangers is an indelible part of American pop culture.

Levy: It feels fantastic. Every time you touch somebody, whenever something you dreamt of becomes a reality and it makes somebody feel better, that's what makes it successful for me.


I hope these kids who watched it growing up are bringing their kids to see it. The message is a good message. It’s about teamwork. But thank you to the fans. It means so much to us. —Barbara Goodson


Wasserman: It feels great to be a part of the legacy. It's an honor that people still love this. Back in the day, there was no record of anything. I think I did one or two interviews and those were heavily edited by Saban. Now, it's been nice for the past several years to speak my mind and discuss what it was really like. I pull this stuff up when I find it and I collect it, and I think my kid'll crack up about it. That's truly the best part of it.

I have a 9-year-old boy. When he was about three or four, he started watching the old series, which he liked much more than the new stuff. He couldn't quite get his head around the fact that the song was done by me. Now, he's starting to get a bit of an idea of what exactly I do, which he'll bring up at the most inappropriate times. The other day, we were at a cash register and the cashier asked me what I do. My son went, "My dad wrote the song for Power Rangers, have you ever heard of it?"

Johnson: I don't really realize that kind of stuff. But if that's true, then wow, that's pretty awesome. I have a 4-year-old, and we've watched a few of [the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers episodes]. She sort of likes it. She wanted to be a Putty for Halloween. I think she was just being polite.

When someone stops me for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I always know their age —between 26 and 28. OMG! Twenty years ago! That's crazy.

Frank: My daughter is big fan—only my seasons, though. She's a well-trained girl. If daddy's not in it, she doesn't think it's the real Power Rangers.

I'm so happy to have embraced the show for the last 20 years. I'm in a time in my life right now where I'm able to reach not only kids, but older people. I have three generations of moms as fans. They have a daughter, and their daughter that has a daughter, and they all watch Power Rangers. It's amazing.

Goodson: Not in a million years did I think it would be this big. The first time I saw it I thought it was just another job, and my parents and my sisters looked at it and thought it was odd.

It does my heart good to know that people responded to Rita. She's like the modern-day Wicked Witch of the West. My son grew up with her, too. He wasn’t happy that I was the evil empress; he wanted me to be the Pink Ranger. I hear a lot from fans that they grew up with her being their witch. It’s an honor. As an actor, you’re only as good as your next job. You always have to look for work. Sometimes you can get down on yourself, so when I hear people saying Rita's their favorite villain, I think, “Oh gosh, well I did something. Maybe I didn’t save the world, but I made a few people laugh.” That’s very satisfying.

I totally understand the nostalgia of it. I hope these kids who watched it growing up are bringing their kids to see it. The message is a good message. It’s about teamwork. But thank you to the fans. It means so much to us.

Fielding: I never think people will recognize me as the character. In a number of work situations, somebody would find out who I was and they would suddenly become, like, 8 years old. But I've been in a number of situations, like at a convention, where I'm walking around hearing kids talk about the show and they don't realize I'm standing right next to them. It's really cool to be part of something like this.