Forget about Big Bird. The Cookie Monster was the realest character on Sesame Street—that is, until the writers punked out of his all-cookie-everything diet, and forced him to eat vegetables. Before his sweet tooth was condemned, he had one of the greatest life philosphies of all time: "Get Cookies."

Sometimes it's not just about the money, hoes, cars, and clothes. Sometimes you have to submit to your basic, animalistic urge to consume sugary snacks. To help you in this quest we ranked the greatest snack cookies of all time. From Girl Scout cookies to Milanos and pretty much anything that comes out of the Nabisco factory in plastic wrapping in between, this list has 'em all. Get ready for those elementary school throwbacks (word to Linden Cookies) and, hell, maybe even rediscover some old favorites. Get your wallet ready, cause you'll be headed to the grocery store after one look at this list. Happy munching!

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