The 25 Most Damaged Kids On TV

1. The Stark Kids

Portrayed by: Sophie Turner, Isaac Hempstead-Wright, Maisie Williams, Art Parkinson
Series: Game of Thrones 
What's their damage: The Stark children are now the last remaining members of their entire family tree (fingers crossed for Uncle Benjen, but on this show, probably not), and since the pilot, i.e. the one and only time the entire family was happy, together, and everyone had their heads, they’ve all had separate but equally horrible goes of it. To recap, from oldest to youngest:

Sansa:  Had a front row seat to her father’s beheading, by her ruthless future in-laws; betrothed to a bratty sadist of a king, nearly raped by peasants who hate the royal family that she doesn’t even want to be a part of; used as a pawn to control the north by the LannistersPetyr Baelish, and, most graciously of the bunch, the Tyrells, who offer her a brief glimmer of hope to escape from King’s Landing, site of her despair, and marry her (albeitly gay) knight crush (closeted husband still trumps Joffrey). Instead, Tywin Lannister crushes this and forces a marriage to Tyrion, the imp who’s almost three times her age. The most courteous of the clan sure, but she’s officially married into the family that nearly eradicated hers.

Arya: Hasn’t had a proper roof over her head since mid season-one; all but witnessed her dad get beheaded; been on the run with an unsavory cast of liars, murderers, and the occasionally friendly killing machine since; reached her brother and mother just in time to see his whole army betrayed and slaughtered by the Freys, who also killed his wolf and jammed the head onto her brother’s dead body to parade around in a supreme act of disrespect; committed her first murder (but on the bright side, first baby step towards some much needed Stark vengeance) at the ripe age of 9. Currently, her best friend in this world is a guy she once threatened to kill, and she lulls herself to sleep by whispering the names of people she wants to kill.

Bran: Crippled by Jaime Lannister for inadvertently peeking in on him and Cersei; appointed pre-teen Lord of Winterfell while his family fights in the War of Five Kings; had Winterfell seized by Theon Greyjoy, a guy he grew up alongside like a brother; witnessed the destruction of his family’s castle estate and must go on the run, on the back of his giant manservant; currently headed into Wildling and ice zombie territory off the promise of prophetic dreams.

Rickon: Abandoned by everyone; too shell-shocked to even voice an opinion until late season three; may never be seen again, as he departs to for shelter (physical as well as emotional, we hope) with a family of Stark supporters, but who knows? In 10 years he could very well be the Stark savior.

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