Nowadays, it seems like every big moment on television is GIFed within seconds of it first airing. It's a way for fans to relive its epicness over and over again. But what about the pre-GIF era of television? Back then, when you wanted to make sure you didn't miss a beat of your favorite show, you'd have to queue up the blank tape on your VCR just to record it. 

For instance, raise your hand if you have a VHS version of the Friends finale in a box in your garage somewhere. Exactly. If only we had DVR back then. But thanks to people with a lot of time on their hands/fans of nostalgia, the Internet is ripe with the sitcom's GIFs we never realize we wanted. Re-experience the best moments of the hit NBC show with our compilation of 25 Friends GIFs That Would've Blown Your Mind When It First Aired.

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