Speaking of Lord Tywin, someone finally has the gall to put the almighty one in his place. That someone is the no-bullshitting Lady Olenna, the Tyrell family's elder ball-buster and all-around geriatric badass. She and Tywin have a not-so-friendly chat about Tywin's plans to have Tyrion marry Sansa Stark and Cersei wed Loras Tyrell; Olenna, of course, isn't having any of it. She first acknowledges that the secretly gay Loras is "a sword swallower through and through," but that's inconsequential when it comes to her real ace in the hole: She knows all about Cersei and Jaime's incestuous trysts. Furthermore, Cersei, in Olenna's eyes, is too, as they say, long in the tooth to give Loras an heir.

Tywin, never one to back down, tells Olenna that if she and Loras don't stick to his plan, he'll put Loras into the King's Guard, meaning that he'll never be able to marry or have children, thus signaling the end of the Tyrell family's name. And how does Olenna feel about that threat? "It's a rare enough thing," she says, grabbing the quill pen out of Tywin's hand, "a man who lives up to his reputation." Which is code for, "You're as big of an asshole as everyone says."

And with that, Olenna snaps the pen in half. There will be no consenting today. You, Lord Tywin, have been served.