We've already got a premiere date and a teaser for True Blood. The next good news to come out of Bon Temps is that Anna Camp is returning! 

The Pitch Perfect and The Mindy Project star played the uber-Christian wife of televangelist Steve Newlin (Michael McMillan) who had the hots for Jason (Ryan Kwanten) in season 2. Since then, Steve has come out of the coffin (he's now a vampire) and the closet (he's got the hots for Jason too).

The Newlins were hilarious as a parody of the extreme Christian Right and their crusade against gay marriage and gays in general. We can't wait to see Camp and McMillan back together, especially now that she will hate him even more than she already did.

Or maybe Sarah Newlin had a change of heart following the turn of her husband? Tune in June 16 to find out!

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[via TV Line]